Exercise Tips for Chiari Patients

Exercise Tips for Chiari Patients

The first and most important exercise tip for the person who has just been diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation is to keep on walking.  Walk right out of that doctor’s office, while remaining calm and relaxed. There is a possibility that you will never experience the symptoms associated with the condition.  But then, you might be one of the unlucky Chiarians who has lived a life with headaches caused by their cramped brain pushing through their lower skull and into their spinal column. (more…)

Headache Exercise Tips

Previously posted on www.relieve-migraine-headache.com.  Looking for headache exercise ideas?  Exercise is one of the best things you can do to cut down on your headaches.  For some people, exercise virtually eliminates their headaches. Others just find them to be less frequent, or far less intense. If you’re thinking about getting a bit more exercise in your life, here are a few things to consider: (more…)

End exercise induced headache

Previously posted on:  www.relieve-migraine-headache.com. – It’s a vicious circle of the worst kind. You get exercise induced headache, and yet it’s that very exercise that could be the most effective way to stop your headaches! Some migraineurs are afraid to exercise, afraid that it may bring on the pounding pain that could last for hours or days. People with tension headaches try to exercise, but find that the pain only increases. What can you do about it? (more…)