Sharing a feeling of hope

 Debbie Pinjuv founded the Healing Moves Foundation in an effort to help people with health challenges improve their quality of life through physical activity.  Debbie experienced firsthand the healing power of exercise while battling progressive liver failure and eventually undergoing a lifesaving liver transplant.

“Exercising during my illness was my way of being proactive with my healthcare,” she says. It kept her as strong and healthy as possible while she experienced liver failure from a rare autoimmune liver disease.  Debbie credits part of her remarkable recovery to the exercise regimen she practiced before and after her transplant.

Ten years after the liver transplant surgery, Debbie was faced with another medical challenge. An MRI confirmed the diagnosis of a Chiari malformation, a neurological disorder in which the brain descends through the base of the skull and presses into the spinal column. Eventually, Debbie had two brain surgeries, one to help with the Chiari malformation and another to fix a brain aneurysm.  Debbie was so thankful to get back to the gym after recovering from the operations.

“Nothing makes me feel healthier or more alive than when I am able to exercise.  The Healing Moves Foundation was founded so other people experiencing health challenges could share this feeling of hope.”

Debbie Pinjuv is the founder and executive director of the Healing Moves Foundation.  She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology.  In 1998, Debbie founded a nonprofit organization called The Transplant Network to help transplant patients in the State of Nevada.  She has been the Executive Director of The Transplant Network since its inception.  Prior to working with The Transplant Network, Debbie was a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, specializing in helping people faced with catastrophic illness.