Rx for Office Pains: Strength Exercises

(HealthDay News) — Strength exercises can reduce neck and shoulder pain caused by office work, a new study claims.  It included 42 Danish female office workers who performed repetitive tasks and computer work. All of them suffered chronic or frequent pain in the neck area, and tightness and tenderness of the upper trapezius muscle, the large muscle that extends from the back of the head, down the neck and into the upper back. 

The women were randomly divided into three groups: 

1)      Strength training using dumbbells to do five types of exercises designed to strengthen the shoulder and back muscles, including the trapezius. The exercises included the one-arm row, shoulder abduction, shoulder elevation, reverse fly and upright row.
2)      General fitness training using a stationary exercise bicycle.
3)      A control group that did not exercise but received counseling on ergonomics, diet, health, relaxation and stress management. 

After 10 weeks, the women in the strength exercise group had a more than 50 percent reduction in neck and shoulder pain. They also had improved function in the trapezius muscle, which showed improved ability to respond quickly and forcefully.  The study is published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

3 Responses to “Rx for Office Pains: Strength Exercises”

  1. debbie says:

    …and to help the whole body — a combination of aerobic activity and strength training would be perfect!

  2. banderson says:

    Strength training rocks!

  3. As soon as the words “strength training” came out of your mouth, I knew right away which group was going to win.

    Counseling. That’s a good one. 😉

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