Exercise – A Gift for Everybody

Exercise – A Gift for Everybody

Exercise is a gift for everybody…

A central message of Healing Moves is that everybody–regardless of age or ability–needs and deserves to be physically active.  Movement isn’t just for the benefit of the young, the beautiful, and the strong.  It’s for people in wheelchairs, tots in diapers, pregnant women, cancer survivors, and people of every age, with virtually every health condition and skill level.  Exercise is more than just a health responsibility, like brushing our teeth.  It’s a pleasurable, precious gift that people can give themselves.  Taking 30 minutes each day to be present in your body, to breathe deeply, and to propel yourself through space is one of life’s great joys, enriching body, mind, and spirit.  In our sedentary, push-button age, it’s vital that we all embrace healing moves.  The general principle of simply choosing to move more, when faced with a choice between moving more and moving less, represents a health-oriented discipline that must be learned and practiced by all who live in the twenty-first century.


Adapted from Healing Moves, written by Carol Krucoff, RYT and Mitchell Krucoff, MD.  For more information or to purchase the Healing Moves book, log on to:  www.healingmoves.com.



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  1. debbie says:

    One of the greatest joys of my life was to get out of bed and take that first step again after a long illness!

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