No More Food Deserts

No More Food Deserts

We applaud First Lady Michelle Obama for tackling the problem of childhood obesity in our nation.  This problem involves more than childhood obesity; it involves childhood hunger too.  And the crisis of hunger and obesity involves adults as well as children throughout America. 

The poor access to healthy, affordable food in our inner cities and rural communities is partly to blame.  These nutritional wastelands offer families fast food chains and convenience stores, with no opportunity to shop at a supermarket for fruits and vegetables.  While dining in the local restaurant, patrons are frequently offered the one “healthy” food choice:  an entrée salad made with iceberg lettuce and blue cheese dressing, a meal containing all fat and no nutrition.

Recently, the First Lady vowed to help the 23.5 million Americans – including the 6.5 million children – who live in these food deserts.  One of her goals is to eliminate food deserts completely throughout America in the next seven years.  To achieve these goals, more grocery stores that offer healthy food need to be built in these underserved communities.

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