Pink Ribbon Program for Breast Cancer Survivors

Pink Ribbon Program for Breast Cancer Survivors

We believe in the healing power of exercise to help patients recover physically and emotionally from their illness.  Exercise therapy is gaining more and more support from the medical community as a viable complimentary treatment for patients.  In fact, some physicians are now giving patients written prescriptions for exercise, along with prescriptions for medications.

One of our goals at the Healing Moves Foundation is to bring these special physical activity programs to our communities.  To achieve this goal, we are excited to announce our participation with the Pink Ribbon Program designed for breast cancer patients.  This program helps restore the quality of life and healthy body image for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer despite any physical limitations brought on by their course of treatment.  

The Pink Ribbon Certification Program is open to physical therapists, occupational therapists, Pilate’s instructors, physical fitness professionals, registered nurses, and healthcare professionals.   Currently, the program has certified over 400 instructors in the United States, Australia and Europe. 

 For more information:  Pink Ribbon Program

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