Promoting up-to-date exercise guidelines

Promoting up-to-date exercise guidelines

The Healing Moves Foundation has become a founding member of the Federal Physical Activity Guidelines Coalition to ensure that the Department of Health and Human Services regularly updates and promotes the Guidelines at least every five years, as is done with federal dietary guidelines.  Our organization relies on the latest scientific research concerning the preventive and therapeutic effects of exercise.  Over the years, recommendations for physical activity have changed drastically.  It wasn’t too long ago that a patient’s treatment plan after most surgeries was days of bed rest.  Now, it is common knowledge that most patients who start moving sooner, speed their recovery time. 

We support and encourage members of Congress to approve  H.R. 3851 in the U.S. House and S.1818 in the Senate, stressing the importance of having regularly updated Physical Activity Guidelines that reflect the latest scientific and translational breakthroughs about the role of physical activity in promoting health and preventing disease. 

To view the current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, click on the tab “Exercise Guidelines” at the top of our website.  View the ACSM Advocacy Coalition.

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